New Book Project

Just so the frenzy of wild international anticipation can begin early, I’m dropping a note here about a new book project I’m working on. I’ve collected several of my essays, articles, and blog posts and am developing them into chapters for a book I hope to have finished sometime next year (I recently signed a contract with Greg Kofford Books, who already published my first foray into the book publishing world). Only 1 or 2 of the chapters are what I would call very nearly complete. The rest are in various stages of writing; some I will need to extensively revise and expand, while for others the main core of the chapter is basically what I want it to be and will simply require some fleshing out. It will be more a collection of essays touching on some common themes (suffering, mourning, faith, and love) rather than a book with one central thesis developed step by step with each chapter.

The idea to put many of my writings into one book came to me a couple months ago as I surveyed what I had produced over the last 2 or 3 years. I realized the vast majority of my work had centered on faithful responses to evil and suffering and that I wouldn’t have to start from scratch to put something rather weighty and substantial together. I have about 45,000 words thus far (most of them in fairly rough stages of development) and am aiming for around 75,000 to 85,000 words. So, in terms of total content I’m about half way done. In terms of overall writing and revision, I figure I’m about 40% finished. Of course, the press of finishing my dissertation first takes precedence, but that project is coming along quite well.

The tentative title for the book at the moment is “All Eternity Shakes: Midnight in the Vineyard with the Weeping God.”


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3 responses to “New Book Project

  1. Claire Baker

    Can’t wait to see/read your book.

  2. Calvin Baker

    I too am anxious about your newest. I’m still reading the first, and I’ll have to say I am learning…

  3. Exciting news Jacob! Best wishes.

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